What la Nostra Osteria mean?

A new place with ancient flavor.

We propose to you tradition and authenticity with home flavors and at the same time modern aperitifs, with selected botanical essences and niche spirits accompanied by platters of local cured meats and cheeses

A shop to take home a ready-made sauce or a piece of mountain cheese.
A place where the scent of coffee rises from the mocha and pervades memories accompanied by a shortbread.
The place to let yourself be guided by the passion of those who will welcome you with a smile and competence.


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la Nostra Osteria

Here you can breathe genuine and home atmosphere.
Our menu changes frequently , it follows the offer of the farmer, the seasonality and the butcher’s proposals. At the Osteria you will always find bread and focaccia made by us with stone-ground flours, cutting boards and tastings of traditional appetizers.

Fresh pasta, stuffed pasta, soups and risottos. Piedmontese breed meat and cheeses from our mountain pastures. Grandma’s cakes and pies. Mocha coffee and shortbread

And then .. even the aperitif at the Osteria has a different flavor.

Are you a little hungry? Do you want something different than the usual aperitif?
Come to the Osteria.

Aperitif “after I go to dinner”, small platter and snacks.
Aperitif “I’m not going to dinner after”, rich and abundant cutting board.
Merenda Cenoria”,  the typical snack of the tradition … it is not a dinner, it is not an aperitif, it is not a snack! It is all of this together! Including small cake and mocha coffee.
From 6.30 pm every day cutting boards, cheeses from our valleys, croutons, focaccia, vegetables and much more can accompany your glass or your gin-tonic.


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Tradition and authenticity with the flavors of home.

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