What is la nostra Osteria?

A new place with an ancient flavor.
A place where genuine food brings you back to the authentic taste of excellent raw materials.

Our bread is made with a selection of wholemeal stone-ground flours and baked in a wood oven.
With the same flours we prepare fresh hand-rolled pasta, ravioli and all our desserts.
For the pies we use fresh fruit compotes of our production.
Vegetables are linked to seasonality and 0 km
Strictly Piedmontese breed meat.
Every day we prepare totally artisanal ice creams without using any kind of preparations.

The search for the authenticity of flavors in the essence.


A new place with an ancient flavor



Tradition as a modern choice

The desire to maintain our own identity, linked to our history, to our land, was born la Nostra Osteria.
The work of man, his professionalism and the ability to innovate while respecting tradition and nature are the best vehicle to root the culture and values ​​of a territory. Food is the heritage of a land and is its expression.
So the raw materials and the choices are strictly respectful of these principles.


Innovative traditional cuisine

ingredienti genuini

Genuine ingredients


Homemade pasta


Traditional sweets


Like at home



Living spaces

Large garden with tables for outdoor service, the perfect place to enjoy a lunch or dinner with good food.

at the Osteria we also offer you ..

Ample parking and home delivery of traditional dishes.

Opening time

From 10.00 to 0.00. Closed on Tuesday


Ample parking.

Home delivery

Enjoy Our dishes confortably at home.



Our excellences

the Winery

Choice between mainly Piedmontese labels but with a look at Italian excellence.

At la Nostra Osteria likes the idea of acompining wine and food in asimply and unique way.
As a mirror of our tradition without excesses of barrique and sugar residues. Freshness, drinkability and transparency, tannins and orange color, because Piedmont means Nebbiolo.

NEBBIOLO means Barolo.

Barbaresco but now more than ever means Novaresi Hills, Upper Piedmont.
Lessona, Boca, Gattinara and Ghemme.
These are our excellences.




Take Away

la Nostra Osteria… at home

Every day, for lunch and dinner, you can order dishes from our kitchen to enjoy them comfortably at your home or office.

+39 0322 863044

In order to serve you at the best we ask you to book for lunch by 11.30 and for dinner by 18.00.


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    Tradition and authenticity with the flavors of home.

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